Classes at Soccer Buddies go beyond just teaching kids athletic and soccer skills. Our expert coaches use soccer as a tool to teach confidence, perseverance, teamwork – core values that will help your child thrive in any situation. We design our classes to provide age-appropriate fun and learning for kids 10 months to 12 years old. From our Mommy & Me classes to our older kids soccer skill classes, your child will have a blast!

Class Costs

Enroll your kids in outrageous soccer fun for about $65/month. We charge by the 12-week session and will prorate fees when you join.

Session Schedule

Open enrollment – enroll at any time (we will prorate fees for remaining classes).

We run four sessions per year: Spring, Summer, Fall, & Winter.

Koalas: 15 months - 3 years (Mommy & Me)

This parent and child participation class uses fun games and activities to build confidence, motor skills, balance, coordination and more while your child kicks colorful balls and learns their colors. Socialization is also challenged by learning to share, take turns, and practice teamwork. Your child will also build their stamina and physical fitness in this class as the coach keeps it very high-energy, fast paced and fun. While this class is still a parent participation class, we are working towards using less of the parent and more of the individual child. Listening skills are challenged, and autonomy is encouraged. This class is a transitional class to Bears.

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Bears 3 - 4 years

This class is the youngest class without parent involvement. It gives the child their first opportunity to exercise true listening skills. We encourage independent thinking, following directions, and teamwork which will assist the child in preparation for school. We use a variety of props and age appropriate games to introduce the kids to group activities that stress active motor skill development and social interaction. This class is very high-paced and works on developing ball handling skills, coordination, and physical fitness.

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Polar Bears 4 - 6 years

This class is the perfect environment for a child who has never played, yet challenging enough for a child who has played before. Kids will build their self-confidence in a supportive, motivating and positive atmosphere. Skill building activities that develop foot-eye coordination, agility, balance, and kicking/running control will be introduced in this class. Young players will develop their confidence and a love for physical activity with our high-energy, outrageously fun coaches. They will get a chance to put those skills to use in small-sided games to maximize the “touches” the kids get on the ball. 

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Polar Bears 7 - 12 years

This class is the perfect environment for a child who has never played, yet challenging enough for a child who has played before. More fundamental soccer skills are introduced in this class. Confidence will soar while kids master certain skills. We will also develop speed and conditioning, as well as field awareness, technique, tactics, agility, and more. Kids in this class will scrimmage for 20 minutes of every class. This class maximizes the touches the child will get on the ball by playing small-sided games with highly-skilled coaches guiding play in a positive atmosphere.

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