At Soccer Buddies, the goals for our program are simple but important...enable fitness, fun, skill building, and meaningful confidence in your kids.  We strive to develop core components necessary for future soccer skills...and life...all while having a blast!  Kids absolutely learn best while having fun.

Soccer Buddies is the only child development soccer program of its kind.  We take a unique approach to teaching kids soccer.  At the younger ages, we teach the child through their language...imaginative play.  We are a local company who takes great pride in our coaches, customers and in the services we offer.  We are very involved in our community.  We often run free classes for underprivileged kids, children with terminal illnesses, and for MOMS/MOPS groups around the city.  Our motivation is to impact children in a positive way by challenging them physically, cognitively and emotionally.  Our belief is that no matter what kids do later in life, their physical fitness and confidence is important now.  At Soccer Buddies, we want to help them stay physically healthy with exercise and mentally healthy with confidence and OUTRAGEOUS FUN!

Fitness that’s Fun, Skills that Stick!

Ball touches, ball touches, ball touches.  Our goal is to get the kids to touch the ball as many times as they can in any given class.  We do this in such a fun way that the kids are never bored!

Great for all ages!

Whether your child has never played soccer, or has soccer experience, our wide range of classes will suit their needs.  We have advanced skills classes for the experienced child, as well as beginner classes even at the older ages for an introduction of the game in a safe, fun, environment.  Your child will have the time of their life with their super hero coach!

How we do it

Our highly skilled coaches take a unique approach to building a strong foundation of balance, agility, coordination and confidence.  You won’t just see a soccer ball and a net on our field because we think outside the net.  Our coaches will follow a curriculum designed to ensure a progression from simple to more advanced skills, appropriate for each level.  The curriculum sets objectives for each class and for the session as a whole.  More soccer skills are introduced in each age level and in different ways.  We want the best fit for the child both emotionally and physically.  Our age level classes are designed to find the perfect fit for your child based on their own ability.  Our skilled coaches are able to determine what level is most appropriate for your child if you are unsure.

Join any time

You don’t have to wait for a particular session in order to join our classes—we offer open enrollment. Our curriculum is designed to accommodate your child at any time during the session.  Repetition is important in our classes for both retention and perfecting skills.  Repeating the same class level or doubling up on classes is very beneficial for your child.